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We offer the most professional, robust and lucrative referral income program in the country which requires very little effort and minimal training.   

Q - Can I Refer anyone in the entire State of Florida?

A - Yes, you can refer anyone anywhere in the State of Florida. If you have a prospect that wants to buy/sell residential, commercial, new construction or even investment property we have professional in every facet of real estate! Actually, you can refer anyone anywhere in the United States! Just imagine, one license and you can refer to all (50) states!

Q - Is there any training required to learn some brief information about the services?

A - There are "live stream" training's and also classroom training's that will be available. We will cover everything you  need to know so you can feel comfortable and knowledgeable when you have a referral for our network.

Q - What can I expect to make in Referral Commissions per month?

A -  Your referral income depends entirely on your effort. We'll give you the tools and training to refer a qualified prospect to our network. Plus, you can earn referral commissions if you buy or sell your own properties! 

Q - Can I refer my friends or business associates into this program?

A - YES!!! Anyone you know that wants to earn referral commissions with an active real estate license can benefit from our program. Other programs do not provide the tools and training with our experienced real estate professionals. We are the BEST!

Q - How and when do I get paid my commission? 

A - Everything pertaining to your referral commission is tracked and accounted for. We mail you your check after the closing takes place. We also will provide you with a 1099 form at the end of the year. The only paperwork is the few forms you fill out is when you join our company. We also have an app for your smart phone that will enable you to enter all of your prospects information into your phone and submit it to us with a simple click.

Here's what some of our members are saying...

 "I joined the referral network several years ago and have received several great checks. It works! 

Of course referring to a trusted realtor is also important - one who will work conscientiously to meet the needs of the buyer or seller. 

Glad I have stayed with them and looking forward to referring more."

Carolyn S. - Lakewood Ranch, FL


"Yes, I am glad I joined the referral network because it worked. I have received multiple checks from my referrals. 

I look forward to doing more and would recommend this company to anyone!"

Claire S. - Englewood, FL                              


"I am glad I joined the referral network back in 2018. I have received multiple checks from my referrals, so it proves that the system works! Since my husband and I are retired and plan on doing some traveling of this beautiful country when things get back to near normal. 

I was excited to learn that I can refer to ANYWHERE in the United States and not just locally here in Florida.

Looking forward to their new tools and easier ways to tell people about it.

I hope to refer more and would obviously recommend this company to all that would qualify!"

Margaret H. - North Port, FL

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